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Q. Who was Escient?
Escient was a pioneer in the area of media management and digital music management.

A division of D&M Holdings, Escient shipped internet enabled products that enriched the way customers enjoyed their music and music for over ten years. The years of experience and feedback in the industry resulted in products that were easy to use and best in class.

Q. How are Escient products sold?
Escient products hae been discontinued and are no longer available..

Q. What is the warranty?
When purchased from an authorized Escient Dealer or Distributor, Escient products carry a one year parts and labor warranty from date of registration. Warranty

Q. How long does it take to register and setup Escient products?
Escient products utilize an auto-registration process when connected to the internet via a broadband connection. Registration in most cases takes less than 5 minutes.

Q. What other equipment do I need to enjoy Escient's Music and DVD Management products?
Escient's products are source devices that connect to new or existing audio and video systems. In the simplest installations, a connection to the internet via a broadband router will be needed for music and DVD information. In addition, standard audio and video connections to a TV and Receiver are all that are needed. If you are managing CD's or DVD's in a supported Mega-changer, those simple connections will also need to be made.

Q. Tell me about ripping CD's to the FireBall.
Escient FireBall Music Servers support ripping CD's to the hard drive in several MP3 compression rates ranging from 128K to 320K. The higher the rate, the better the audio quality. FireBall E2 and DVDM-300 also support recording in lossless FLAC format. Music can be ripped to the FireBall using the internal CDRW drive, from an attached Mega-changer, or downloaded from a PC or MAC on your home network.

Q. How long does it take to rip a CD to FireBall?
It takes approximately 4 minutes to rip a 60 minute CD to a FireBall Music Server.

Q. Once my FireBall is setup on my home network, can I access or control the music from a PC or MAC on the same home network?
Yes, FireBall products contain a built in webserver that easily allow users to connect to the FireBall and control, edit and manage their music or DVD library by displaying the same FireBall user interface as viewed on your TV. No additional software is needed. You also have the option of streaming music from your FireBall to your PC or MAC.