Q. What is FireBall-PC?
FireBall-PC is a free software application used to share music files stored on a PC or Mac with an Escient FireBall Media Manager. When FireBall-PC is selected as the shared server the FireBall Media Manager will seamlessly integrate the shared music files into it's on-screen Music Guide so that you can browse and play any music file regardless of where it is physically stored, be it locally on the FireBall's internal hard drive, an external hard drive connected to your computer, a networked attached storage device, or other FireBall Media Manager.

Q. How much does it cost?
FireBall-PC is free.

Q. Where do I get it?
From the Escient web site: FireBall-PC

Q. How do I get support for it?
Email Escient Technical Support at

Q. Do I have to have a FireBall to use it?
Yes. FireBall-PC will serve music files to an Escient FireBall Media Manager. FireBall-PC cannot be used to share music files with another PC or Mac on your network.

Q. What are the minimum requirements?

1. The Free FireBall-PC Software (of course!)
2. A FireBall Media Manager (E2, DVDM, SE, MP-150, MP-200, or E series upgraded to an E2).
3. A computer running Windows XP or Mac OS X 10.4 (or later)
4. 20MB of free hard drive space
5. A home network connecting your FireBall Media Manager and your computer running FireBall-PC

Q. What operating systems are supported?

1. Windows XP Pro or XP Home
2. Mac OS X 10.4 or later

Q. Is the FireBall-PC DLNA compliant?
No. FireBall's ultra-fast music indexing system has been ported to run natively on your PC and Mac computer. Utilizing the computer's CPU, memory, and disc system provides dual processing capabilities to your shared FireBall music system. This allows FireBall-PC to out perform the standard DLNA Content Server by allowing your shared music to appear on the FireBall Guide much faster and to support more reliable network streaming and metadata importing. FireBall-PC dosen't prevent othe DLNA Content Directory Servers from running on your PC.

Q. What audio file formats are supported?
FireBall-PC supports the same audio formats that your FireBall Media Manager supports, including: MP3, FLAC, and WMA files.

Q. Why don't all of my music files show up on my FireBall?
There are several reasons why files won't appear on your FireBall, such as:
1. The files are not MP3, FLAC, or WMA.
2. The files are MP3, FLAC, or WMA, but do not have the correct file extension (.mp3, .flac, or .wma)
3. The metadata contained in the file is missing, inaccurate, or corrupt.
4. The file itself is corrupt and can't be read.

Q. How many music folders can I share?
There is no limit to the number of shared folders you can add to FireBall-PC.

Q. How long does it take to scan a shared folder?
It depends on how many shares you have and how many files are in each share. Generally it takes about a second or so per song.

Q. Can I share iTunes Music Store files?
Not at this time. Apple does not allow anyone to license it's FairPlay Music DRM system.

Q. Can I share .aac files

Q. Will the MP-150 and MP-200 see FireBall-PC music when it's connected to an E2 or other FireBall music server?
Yes. The MP-150 and MP-200 will see the FireBall servers music files and any FireBall-PC music files that the FireBall server can access.

Q. Is there a limit to the drive size FireBall-PC can share?

Q. How do I edit the metadata (artist, title, genre, cover, etc…) for FireBall-PC shared music?
You can use any tag editor you like that runs on your PC or Mac like iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc.... Make sure that the tag editor produces ID3 version 2 or 2.3 tags for MP3 files, Ogg style tags for FLAC files, or ASF tags for WMA files. Cover art should be 200x200 at 72dpi and be less than 20k in size.

Q. Can I use multiple FireBall Media Managers with one FireBall-PC server?
Yes. You can connect to one FireBall-PC from multiple FireBall Media Managers.